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本合辑是由Sternfx机构出品的Sternfx广播级电视包装AE模板合辑第二季,Broadcast Graphics Templates Vol. 2 Project for After Effects,大小:469 MB,使用软件:After Effect CS5, CS6, CC,Boris Continuum Complete v.8.2,附使用教程,共包含21各个极品电视包装模板共大家学习使用。

Broadcast Graphics Templates Vol. 2 Project for After Effects

This collection includes 21 open After Effects projects which you can easily customize to suit your needs. The templates are based upon Boris Continuum Complete, one of the world's most comprehensive VFX plug-in collections for Macintosh and Windows, integrating BCC’s 3D Objects, Lights, Particles, Film Style effects, audio-driven effects and more. Broadcast Graphics Templates Vol. 2 collection gives you the ability to create powerful and impactful animations at your fingertips, allowing you to spend less time on design and consternate more on the actual content itself. You can change the Text Title or replace the Vector Art Logo and all the rest will take care of itself. You can use these projects as a starting point and change the camera move, lights and materials, or simply customize the text or vector art logo and, hit Render, and you are ready to go.

Main Features:

• 21 After Effects project files, compatible with version CS5 or higher

• All fonts, textures, and sound files are included

• PDF gallery of the final renders for quick reference

• Dedicated tutorial for each template with suggestions, tips, and tricks regarding how to get the most out of this package

Minimum Requirements:

• After Effects Version CS5 or higher

• Boris Continuum Complete v.8.2 or higher

• Windows Vista 64bit ou Windows 7 64bit

• Latest version QuickTime




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