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本AE模板是由Videohive机构出品的社交人群包装动画AE模板,Videohive Social People 5472030 ,大小:590 MB,格式:AEP,分辨率:1920x1080,使用软件版本:After Effects CS4 - CC 2015。

AE模板是由After Effects软件生成的一种工程文件,能够渲染出美轮美奂的动画特效,文件中包括音乐、图片、视频、脚本等素材。



Videohive Social People 5472030

- AECS4 and higher version compatible

- Add your logo, text, video, photo, social icons etc

- No plugins required

- Main file include 50 other Social Icons, if you want to add different icons.

- Video help with sound included.

- Project have 7 independent Compositions with 6 independent 3D prerendered people’s (’s with Alpha) because of that you can with simply copy/paste Comps have a lot more comps (scenes).

Project includes social media icons that you can easily update along with your URLs for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…



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