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本AE模板是由Videohive机构出品的前卫自由摇滚风格展示动画AE模板,大小:20 MB,格式:AEP,分辨率:1920x1080,使用软件版本:After Effects CS5 - CC 2015,内附使用教程。

AE模板是由After Effects软件生成的一种工程文件,能够渲染出美轮美奂的动画特效,文件中包括音乐、图片、视频、脚本等素材。适用与宣传片、电视台、影视公司,电影电视剧等宣传与特效动画制作。




ROCKETSTOCK Anarchy Edgy Graphics Pack

Anarchy is an edgy, high octane graphics pack ideal for music videos, live events, interviews, and more! This project includes 9 professional animated graphics – everything you need to brand your next video production. Anarchy includes:

Bug and Logo Reveal

Opening Title

Bumper Title

Closing Title

Full Frame Background (30 Seconds)

Lower Third

Quote Title


Customization is easy and quick. Simply drag and drop your logos, insert your media, and customize your titles. On your way to export, customize colors to create the perfect look. Render your graphics and they’re ready to use in your next video! Use an opening title to introduce your latest video, or cut an entire title sequence using the graphics. (as shown in the preview) The sky is the limit with Anarchy.

Anarchy includes 9 graphics animations. Each graphic is isolated in it’s own comp. Logo reveal, bug, and titles are 10 seconds each. Full Frame Background is 30 seconds and transition is 2 seconds long.  Music not included in AE project file.

We’ve packed this AE template with all the animations you need for your videos. Discover more about our Graphics Packs.

♫  Like the demo music? License ”Knuckle Sandwhich” by Sergio Mucino at PremiumBeat.

☆  Footage featured in the demo video is available for license at


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