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本模型是由The3dstudio机构出品的超酷摩托车3D模型合辑,大小:17 MB,使用软件:3DS Max 2008,VRay 1.5RC5。。

The3dstudio Empire Motorcycle Bike 3D Model

Modeling in 3DS Max 2008 and rendered with VRay 1.5RC5

Empire bike 2 eighty motorcicle High-detailed.

Full description

1:Vray renderer 1.5 RC5 setup and materials.Includes Vray-materials.

2: In the folder"maps" you will find all the maps and the HDRI, used for rendering.

Based on subdivided geometry turbosmooth.

With Turbosmooth on: 429960 vertices, 495041 polygons.

All preview images are from the vray scene.The animation is from the same scene.

NOTE: Vray is required for the first Max scene.



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