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本视频素材是由Videohive机构出品的粒子尘埃氛围光视频素材合辑,Videohive Dust in Motion Organic Particles Motion Graphic 6315369,大小:960 MB,格式:MOV,分辨率:1920x1080,适用于各类影视后期软件。

Videohive Dust in Motion Organic Particles Motion Graphic 6315369

Dust in Motion is a collection of Dust l Snow l Motes l Floating Particles Footages that will give to your videos an awesome quality and depth !

It’s a ’’must have’’ pack for filmmakers, videographers, photographers and motion designers.

Dust in Motion footages are compatible with any non-linear software supporting – Blending Mode, such as: ( After Effects , Sony Vegas , Premiere Pro , Avid , Nuke , Final Cut Pro , Apple Motion etc. )

with Dust in Motion 2 you can also add some particles / motes to your photos, using Adobe Photoshop.


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