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本音效库是由PrimeLoops机构出品的PrimeLoops影视级音效库第二季,Prime Loops Heavy Impacts Vol 2,大小:500 MB,格式:ACiD WAV AiFF。

Prime Loops Heavy Impacts Vol 2 ACiD WAV AiFF

421MB+ Of earth shattering cinematic SFX! Featuring futuristic glitch and synth Impacts, climactic sweeps and swooshes, dramatic drones, terrifying Horns and apocalyptic hits, sure to cause a sonic boom!

Prime Loops definitive series of earth shattering SFX is back! Heavy Impacts Vol. 2 has smashed its way into our catalogue of colossal sounds, bringing you a powerful sound effects library designed to deliver a shot of pure adrenaline into your productions!

If you loved the trademark sound of Heavy Impacts Vol. 1, then you will be blown away by its bigger brother. Heavy Impacts Vol. 2 strikes back with sounds that are bigger, more dramatic and more destructive than ever before!

Ideal for Music production, cinematic scores and sound designers alike, these heavyweight sounds pack a serious punch, so if your project needs a dramatic quality, Heavy Impacts Vol. 2 can provide it on an Epic scale! Weighing in at a mammoth 421MB, this powerhouse of sound comes packed full 176 individual Impacts and FX. From futuristic glitch and synth Impacts, to climactic sweeps and swooshes, dramatic drones to the terrifying 'Horns of the Apocalypse' and post-apocalyptic 'Hits of The Abyss', these mammoth sounds will cause a sonic boom, bursting eardrums and blowing speakers wherever they are played, and all in exquisite 24-bit audio quality!

So hold on tight as these immense sounds shake the ground beneath you! Heavy Impacts Vol. 2 is the ultimate power sound effects sample library.


• 28 x Gltich Impacts

• 10 x Heavy Drones

• 27 x Heavy Sweeps

• 27 x Heavy Swooshes

• 27 x Hits of the Abyss

• 30 x Horns of the Apocalypse

• 27 x Synth Impacts

• 24 Bit Audio Quality



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