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本音乐素材是由boomlibrary机构出品的打斗战斗配乐音乐库,BOOM Library Close Combat Bundle,大小:2.44 GB,WAV格式,指标:192kHz, 96kHz/24bit,包含超过2800个打斗战斗配乐素材。

BOOM Library Close Combat Bundle

If your next project contains some raw backyard brawls or some highly trained special agents beating the brakes off of each other, your search for high quality fight sounds is finally over. Our “CLOSE COMBAT“ SFX library is definitely the place to go when you‘re in need of flying fists and roundhouse kicks. Some say, probably no one can beat the quality of this library - well, except Chuck Norris,of course...

500+ files, 2.800+ sounds | 192kHz, 96kHz/24bit, WAV

The bundle contains both, the CONSTRUCTION KIT and the DESIGNED edition.


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