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本合辑是由sound-ideas机构出品的好莱坞顶级电影电视游戏音效配乐合辑,sound-ideas Megasonics Production Elements,大小:2.52 GB,WAV格式,包含1292个类型各异的音效配音,希望大家喜欢!

sound-ideas Megasonics Production Elements

Megasonics Productions Elements was produced over a period of three years by some of today's top Hollywood sound designers and engineers utilizing leading-edge technology. This is a vast and extensive royalty free production elements collection of the most useful, imaginative and original sonic elements - all conveniently organized in a 4 disc set and also including a DVD ROM data disc of 24 bit / 48 K WAV files. Whether you are producing feature films, movie trailers, video games, TV or radio spots, promos, documentaries, corporate presentations or adding sound to your Web site, Megasonics will provide a varied sonic palette for all of your productions – Megasonics Production Elements.


1,292 royalty free production elements

Available 1 DVD ROM and 4 Audio CDs

Produced by Hollywood sound designers and engineers

Provided as:

24 / 48 broadcast wav files

Stereo audio

Original sonic elements include:

Hits, Risers, Fallers, Sweepers, Flybys, Whooshes, Transitions

Drones, Atmospheres, Textures

Noise, Pulses, Logos

Magical FX, Sci Fi FX, Spooky FX


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