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本视频素材是由Artbeats机构出品的混乱高清实拍视频素材合辑,Artbeats Mayhem HD,大小:2.53 GB,格式:MOV高清视频,分辨率:1920x1080,帧频:29.97 fps,共14个高清视频,包含泼水、油漆、浪花与落叶等视频素材。。

Artbeats Mayhem HD

Open a veritable Pandora's box with this collection featuring everything that could go wrong! Leaves and dust fill the air, panes of glass and wineglasses are shattered by various means, and surfaces are spattered by paint. And if that's too tame, there's an explosion to round out the Murphy's Law scenario you're looking for. HD collection features a selection of 13 clips.


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