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本视频素材是由Artbeats机构出品的骑马斗牛运动高清实拍视频素材合辑,Artbeats Rodeo HD,大小:6.43 GB,格式:MOV高清视频,分辨率:1920x1080,帧频:29.97 fps,共14个高清视频,包含各个类型的花朵成长过程视频素材。。

Artbeats Rodeo HD

Put on your cowboy hat and get to the rodeo! This collection covers the grounds from cowboys and rodeo royalty saddling up and the clown applying his makeup to spectator scenes and various aspects of livestock readiness, including a resting bull and a horse being shod. But there's more! The action heats up as thrashing bulls and bucking broncs try to unseat their riders who attempt to stick their mounts for those very long eight seconds. Barrel racing and calf roping round out the selection, as well as an adorable young sheep buster who steals the show. HD collection features a selection of 30 clips.


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