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本视频素材是由rampantdesigntools机构出品的电影粒子背景装饰高清视频素材合辑,Rampant Design Tools DustFX Cinematic Dust Effects ,大小:9.52 GB,格式:MOV高清视频,分辨率:1920x1080,共75个样式各异的电影粒子背景装饰视频。

Rampant Design Tools DustFX Cinematic Dust Effects

Rampant DustFX – Easy to Use Dust Effects for Your Video. The Same Atmospheric Elements Used in Virtually Every Network Promo – Now Seen In Your Latest Video.

75 1080P HD (1920×1080) royalty-free Quicktime Movies of Drag and Drop Dust Effects. Rampant DustFX effortlessly adds depth to your video. This effect is seen in nearly EVERY promo on all of the major television networks. Backgrounds are the perfect starting point for your next video project. Perfect for edits and motion graphics of all types, take your video up to the next level with Rampant DustFX. Easy to use, Drag and Drop Dust Effects for Video. Works with all Visual Effects Plugins and software. Quicktime based Dust Effects with alpha channels. Works with all NLEs including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, FCPX, Avid, Media 100, Sony Vegas and more. Instantly add Dust Effects to your Video. Available for immediate download.

The key to a great looking video is the use of secondary support elements. Rampant DustFX immediately adds depth and volume to a shot. One of your shots a little to static? Perhaps your title sequence, commercial or presentation feels like there is something missing? Drop in some Rampant DustFX and BOOM, problem solved. Rampant DustFX enhances your video and makes your project stand out. Don’t Just Sit There, RUN RAMPANT.

Compability in any editing/compositing software including:

• Adobe After Effects

• Adobe Premiere

• Final Cut Pro 7


• Sony Vegas

• Apple Motion

• Nuke

• Media 100


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