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本视频素材是由Artbeats机构出品的烟雾烟气高清实拍视频素材合辑,Pixel Film Studios PROSMOKE,大小:4.09 GB,格式:MOV高清视频,分辨率:1920x1080,帧频:23.976 fps,共30个高清视频,包含各个类型的烟雾烟气视频素材。。

Pixel Film Studios PROSMOKE

Professional Smoke Techniques

Filming an abandoned building or a bubbling bog? Create a mystical, smokey atmosphere with PROSMOKE™ from Pixel Film Studios™. This collection of 50 ProRes smoke composites can create a magical, chaotic or steamy look with any footage. PROSMOKE™ can be applied to clips in any non-linear editing software, simply drag and drop the video file on top of your footage in the timeline and select a composite type.

Add Smoke to Your Footage

Whether you are filming a magical fantasy world or smoldering ruins, PROSMOKE™'s high-resolution composites can help create the atmosphere of your film in a matter of seconds. Adding wisps of smoke to your footage is a great way to give your film a surrreal look.

50 ProRes Smoke Composites

PROSMOKE™ consists of 50 ProRes 2k smoke composites files created by filming real wisps and puffs of smoke. These smoke video files can be applied and composited onto your footage in any non-linear editing software (such as Final Cut Pro X, Avid, and Adobe Premiere).

Layer Smoke for Depth

The smoke in the PROSMOKE™ video files vary in size, focus and shape, so you can layer them to create more depth in your image. With 50 smoke composites to choose from, the combinations are limitless, simply drag two PROSMOKE videos ontop of your footage and change the blend mode.

Blending Tool for FCPX

PROSMOKE™ video files can be used in any non-linear editing software, but if you are using it in Final Cut Pro X, you can use the PROSMOKE™ Blending Tool to help blend and color correct your smoke to better match your footage. Change the color and blur of your smoke if you want it to look more steamy than smokey.


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