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本视频素材是由Artbeats机构出品的航拍秋天森林景色落叶高清实拍视频素材合辑,Artbeats Fall Color Aerials HD,大小:16.07 GB,格式:MOV高清视频,分辨率:1920x1080,帧频:29.97 fps,共15个高清视频,包含鸟瞰森林等视频素材。。

Artbeats Fall Color Aerials HD

Witness glorious views as you glide over woodlands resplendent in fall foliage throughout New England. Brilliant colors are enhanced with sunshine or reflected in the placid water of lakes and rivers. Tree's pop with Autumn's vibrant reds and golds, and picturesque valleys are blanketed with vivid color. Gyron Stabilized for ultra smooth footage. HD collection features a selection of 30 clips.


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