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本合辑是关于爱情命运背景视频素材合辑第二季,Motion Backgrounds  Love and Relationships Pack 2,大小:3.11 GB,格式:MOV高清视频,共48个可循环背景高清视频,分辨率:1920x1080,华丽而不失实用,绚丽而不失精致,是视频设计师不可多得的实用素材。



Light Orbs Around Wedding Rings

Light Particles Behind Hearts

Love rose

Revolving family

Gold heart

Tiny floating hearts

Gold wedding bands

Light Shines On Wedding Rings

Pink wedding cake

Spinning Roses & Two Rings

Diamond ring behind the frame

Incoming Paper Hearts

Turning Wedding Rings

Falling Red Heart Shards

Spinning wedding cake

Wedding cake

Around flower with a sheen

Shining Wedding Ring with Rose Shadows

Strong Diamond

Electro Love

Pink Rose With Texture

Dark Hearts Over Rose

Romantic Wedding Rings

Sperm and an egg

Valentine's celebration

Pink roses

Bronze hearts

His and hers wedding bands

Two Spinning Gold Heart

illusion of Love is sheen

Freezing Roses

Sprouting Love

Flowing Out Hearts

falling frame love

Pulsing Hearts Dark

Lava Love

Growing Heart Element

Hearts And Lace 2

Streamers And Hearts

Glowing Heart Stream

Love Text Blue

Glowing Wedding Banner

Love hearts with people

Radiant blue hearts

Pink heart

Gold lockets on red pillow

Spinning Wedding Cake & Scrolling Presents

Wedding Cake and Cups






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