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EDIUS拥有先进的基于文件工作流程,具备实时、多轨道、混合格式编辑、合成、色键、字幕以及时间线输出功能。除了EDIUS NLE产品家族支持的标准格式之外,还提供对P2 DVCPRO、AVC-Intra、XDCAM、Ikegami GF、Canon XF和EOS视频格式的支持。同时,它还可以从诸如DV、HDV之类的磁带设备直接进行采集。




EDIUS推出了**性的10bit HQX视频编码。借助可扩展技术,这款创新的编码提供了无以伦比高图像质量和卓越的实时性能,且支持带有Alpha通道信息。HQX编码不仅为高清视频提供出众的亮度和色度采样,也为高性能系统上高质量的采集和编码提供可变码率支持。您还可以在其它图形软件中使用HQX输出带Alpha信息的10bit视频。

2EDIUS新增功能: EDIUS 6提供了超过100项全新功能,例如:支持4K/2K、自由工程尺寸、高级时间线工作流程改进、16多机位支持、新的源文件浏览窗口、自由遮罩工具、轨道遮罩工具及增强的AVCHD输出器等等。编辑引擎经过了微调以提供更好实时性能,再加上增强的代理编辑模式,带给您振奋人心的全新实时工作流程。

The editing application of choice for major broadcasters and video professionals worldwide, EDIUS Pro 6.5 adds new features for better editing and faster operations. It’s the perfect choice for multiformat editing.

EDIUS Pro 6.5 offers several new workflow innovations, such as 4K, 2K, and free size project support with RED native file support, editing 3D stereoscopic video, and AVCHD exporter to name just a few. The editing engine has been tuned for better realtime performance, and the enhanced Proxy Mode opens up exciting possibilities for entirely new editing workflows. EDIUS Pro 6.5 also supports alpha channel export, making for a smarter workflow between EDIUS and compositing software.

About Grass Valley

For more than 50 years, the Grass Valley name has been synonymous with innovation, leadership, and performance. With an eye to the future, we are committed to advancing our industry by being a strategic and trusted partner. Leveraging IP technology with our proprietary knowledge of media processing and storage, we develop product and service solutions that deliver unmatched interoperability and financial efficiency, and have the flexibility to change and grow as business evolves. Grass Valley's partners—global broadcasters, teleproduction facilities, and service providers, as well as independent video professionals—rely on our solutions to cover the world's most high-profile live events, and benefit every day from their operational efficiency. When you're watching news, sports, or entertainment programming—whether on a TV, the web, or a mobile device you're watching Grass Valley at work in today's connected world.


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